NBA 2K16: How to Equip and Customize Tattoos?

Here will show you how to equip and customize tattoos. Some players in NBA has beautiful tattoos. It can be equip and customize in NBA 2K as well. NBA 2K16 mt coins will have over 1,500 customizable tattoos design for the first time in franchise. This tattoos can be move, scale, rotate and place anywhere you want on your created players.

It’s simple for you to equip your player’ tattoos. Go to FEATURES/OPTIONS – MyPlayer – TATTOOS. You can choose all kind of tattoos as you like.

"Be the canvas in 'NBA 2K16' with your tattoos. 'NBA 2K16' is Introducing over 1,500 designs that you can move, scale, rotate and even layer onto your MyPLAYER. Complete customization at your fingertips."

2K16 has made a big improvement of 2K’s previous tattoos. You have so many choices in the tattoos shop.

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